Internship in Finland : Early Years Education / Daycare 

(Early Childhood Education : Learning from the experts)

Finland is a country rich in intellectual and educational reform which has revolutionized the educational system and currently the top ranking approach when it comes to Early Childhood Education worldwide. 

When it comes to education, Finland is known to be an innovative country which yields results. It is one of the highest performing developed countries in the world. Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), an important tool for measuring education systems worldwide.

Ceci Educare Oy is giving opportunity for students to come for internship with 2 day cares located in Helsinki Finland.

Both day cares are bi-lingual (Finnish and English) and its open for everyone living outside of Finland to come and experience the real working life in Finland's education and practical working life. This is between 3 months to 18 months. 

students Internship program

Teachers internship program

Manager / Principal / Entrepreneurs internship program

What we Provide ? Please find below ....

Pre-Departure Coaching from the local agent or Program Director

Drop Off to the Airport from the local agent if applicable

Acquiring an Apartment with a partner company, Helpal Oy, Finland

Local Paperwork Assistant with a local agent or from the Program Director

Pick up from the Airport (Ceci-Educare Oy)

Integration Training (Ceci-Educare Oy)

Working Life Training with 2 Bi-lingual day-cares 

Paperwork Assistance (Legal Advisor in Finland)

Contracts & Employers (Internship Programs)

Language Training (An external company in Finland)

Official Authorities (Legal Advisor in Finland)  

24/7 Assistance  

(Ceci-Educare Oy