Cecilia is the founder, CEO & M.D of Ceci Educare Oy.She is also the founder , Dean & CEO of Finland Academy of International Business. (www.finlandacademy.online) and Work In Europe (www.workineurope.fi

Cecilia has been a volunteer for several organisations since 1999 hitherto whilst working with different International Organisations including UNICEF, UNDP, UNFPA, PPAG, IPPF , AYA, CHAG, Bill Gates Foundation, Royal Common Wealth Society , Rotary Club etc.

She is also a registered & licence Social Welfare Professional in Finland under valvira. 

Cecilia has volunteered in other NGO'S in Finland and currently volunteers for organisations in Mentoring programs, Counseling, Advocacy, Training and related for immigrants and both the general public who needs. 

She offers confidential support in Mentorship / Consultation and General Counseling to other clients across the Globe. 

LinkedIn page : www.linkedin.com/in/cecilianq   

More Details About The CEO

Introducing Cecilia N Quarshie (Ceci Educare Oy)

#LinkedIn page : https://www.linkedin.com/in/cecilianq?utm_source=share...

Cecilia is the founder , Managing Director & CEO of Ceci Educare Oy, established in Helsinki Finland. She is also a legally registered & licensed Social Welfare Professional/Sociologist under Valvira ,Finland. https://valvira.fi/en/frontpage. Soon amongst the first 12 English Speakers in Finland with a Diploma as legally recognized & registered Expert by Experience under https://www.familiary.fi/

#Her past #careers  within #Finland included :

Ex ECEC Director / Manager of Touhula Starlight. She was in the role of financial management, administrative duties with the regional education office in Helsinki, Marketing duties, Allocating of substitute staff to other units, HR & Management duties, Pedagogy head & the only African colleague with 180 other directors in Finland.Ex employer was : www.touhula.fi

She was the first hired Manager of Kaivopuisto International Kindergarten : Montessori School (after 20yrs of its existence) which currently belongs to

Päiväkoti Ankkkalampi - Ankdammen - Duckies. https://sites.google.com/kaivopuistokindergarten.fi/kik/home

She was a regional coordinator for 6 ECEC centers in Finland under the old company New Generation Kids Osk where she also worked as a project coordinator to open two new schools. She also trained regional head teachers in all 6 ECEC centers (These center’s currently belongs to Pilke daycare & the government public schools)

Cecilia is the author of two poetry books in the UK.

Both books are in over 80 online stores like Amazon etc (Kindly search for the books in google)

She was amongst the “Nkabom” 12 young people selected from the world in (2007-2008) to meet the late #Queen #Elizabeth during the Annual Review of the Royal Common Wealth Meeting in London. https://www.yumpu.com/.../annual-review-2007-2008-the...


Leadership & Managerial roles has been in her journey of life since a teenager as she held several lead roles. She has traveled at large. She had also participated in lots of artistic events in the past. She started her professional career at the age of 16 whilst exposed to several International NGO’s including PPAG, UNDP, UNICEF, UNFPA, CHAG, MOH, AYA etc.

Cecilia  is also a peer volunteer counselor with https://ensijaturvakotienliitto.fi/kaapatutlapset/. She occasionally organizes social workshops with them. She offers private counseling services as well.

Cecilia is a humble leader , honest, highly educated with high values & morals, hardworking & a very straightforward person to work with. Her remarkable truth distinguishes her from many. It is her passion to offer several of her projects with her team to developing countries & be a hero to many young people.

Her company is also offering several consulting services in different fields with different companies within & outside of Finland. Do you want to partner with us as a company?